We are open-sourced

It is one of our major goals, that everyone can see what’s behind the code.

We are non-profit

Everything we’re doing is for a healthy and safe society.

And transparant as well

You can see everything we’re doing and what we aim to change in the future.

We create for you


What exactly is a tracing app? It’s an application to recreate chains of infection and if u had contact with an infected you’ll get informed by the app. OHIOH is easy to understand for all users, doesn’t matter if young or old. Once set up it works completely independent in the background. Our app is not bound to any location so it’s usable worldwide.

High Security

Our data and servers are located in Germany, so your data is secured according to German standards. We are also constantly working to increase our security standards and make our security promise one of the most important aspects of our app.

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