FAQ`s – Frequently Asked Questions


Some important questions are important, which our user might not know and here we address those. Also some questions which we are often asked.


Can my data be secure?

This is an important question that fits the Security by Design (default) approach. Basically, one can say that data protection must correspond to the current state of the art. What exactly that means is discussed by organizations like the CCC („Chaos Computer Club“). If you make a comparison to your email account, our system is, in principle, one step safer. Definitely more secure than Facebook and Google, since we do not use data storage. We use your data for the virus crisis, then we delete it.

What do you do differently from other apps?

We give you the choice and simply offer you the same security as other apps. Since the camps are split, we offer you the information that is important for the decision, and then let you decide. In the menu you can freely decide what and how you share your data and for how long!

Can I save my data just for me?

Yes, this approach is very important to us. Save your data just for you. We do not hope that you will be infected but in this case sharing it makes sense. As promised, you are in charge of your health and your commitment.

Why Bluetooth + GPS + QR?

We don’t believe that there is one „best“ solution. We still hope that apps will play an effective part in fighting viruses in the future. In the event that you use all 3 techniques, the effectiveness is incomparably high and better than that of other apps.

I’m worried that my data may eventually be used by the wrong groups or people. What do you think?

Your data will be shared on your device, encrypted and sent to our separate servers. A physically separate computer can put these two parts together again. This data is then still anonymous and only in the last step, if there is an infection, paired with your private data, such as name, telephone number and age … Your private data is also shared and saved in the same way. As an important element, the servers are always behind a hardware firewall with special settings in order to analyze each packet that is running on the server. In addition, we monitor (and provide these tools to the government and organizations such as the CCC) our servers through people who analyze the traffic with (e.g. Wireshark).

How can I support you?

In many ways. Decide whether you want to invest time, link us on your homepage or donate something via PayPal to: kontakt@ohioh.de

Why are you doing this at all?

The idea of OHIOH started with the fact that we as a team wanted to decide for ourselves what we do. Sure, very vague at first but his changed during the Covid-19 crisis. We donate our data to Google, Facebook and Co every day, but why can’t we use it for a specific purpose and for the common good… and so OHIOH launched for you.

If I donate, what happens to my money?

If we have your contact details, we will write your first name on the donation page and the purpose. E.g. Frauke € 10 server costs etc. Now if Frauke asks, we can tell her when and what we used her money for. In any case, your donation will only be used for OHIOH.de.

Once a month we publish the PayPal history for sales and donate.

Does the app automatically know where I’ve been for the past few days?

No only if you set it that way. Security by default!