“One of the dangers of spreading viral infections is the invisibility of the chain of infection. 

Through a combination of user location data and a central smartphone app we are able to make this chain of infection usable and finally reduce the infection rate. Hospitals, doctors and emergency rooms can thus be relieved and work in a manageable workload again. This stabilizes our health system.





The OHIOH-APP offers users a convenient platform for the voluntary transfer of personal data (such as age, gender) and location data from smartphones via the Internet to our security-certified database. This database is connected to the app on each end device and is designed to collect and evaluate the released information. The app stores the users’ location data. In the event of a confirmed infection, users can release this location data and thus contribute to informing other, even unknown, contact persons about a possible risk of infection by means of a warning message. Persons who have been warned can then take appropriate measures”.





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