Middle Field Solution: GPS

The Global Positioning System (“GPS”), officially NAVSTAR GPS, is a global navigation satellite system for positioning.
The official designation is “Navigational Satellite Timing and Ranging – Global Positioning System” (NAVSTAR GPS).




Determination of position helps to understand infection chains:

The knowledge about the position can be a boon and bane. In general it is only a bane, when it is right handled.
We are working on combining the techniques to achieve high accuracy.
It is especially important to us to achieve a constancy of the generated data.
Although the positioning is very advanced, it also has its limits. One example is that concrete walls and ceilings can not be penetrated, so we combine other techniques such as Bluetooth tracing and our QR code system.
The curse of location lies in the storage. Who wants everyone to know where he or she is or was.
That is the reason why we scientifically investigate how this cannot happen.
We try to use as many different techniques and store data as little and as short as possible to prevent misuse in any case.