Nearfieldsolution: Bluetooth

Temporary Contact Number (TCN): Data item which is broadcasted to devices nearby, it is public and can be found by other devices nearby (physical/hardware interoperability assumed).

Our first and foremost goal is to get secure tracing apps running on billions of users’ devices globally fast. The TCN Coalition’s easy-to-implement privacy-first protocol, agreed upon and reviewed by dozens of experts, is open-source, extensible, free of charge, and available for implementation immediately. TCN — the core of the protocol — stands for temporary contact number. This completely anonymous number is generated to privately record interactions between compatible mobile devices without allowing them to be tracked.

The range of applications for Bluetooth is impressive. From music transmission to sending data, this technology offers many possibilities.

The field of tracing was rather unknown before Covid-19. 

In order to transmit music or to actively do something against corona, a so-called protocol for the desired application area is necessary.

DP3-T and TCN are such protocols and allow an almost traceless exchange of information to inform affected persons.

They manage to do this almost without central data storage. This approach makes sense and OHIOH is therefore a coalition partner of the TCN.

The price for this security lies in the area of application and the informative value. A determination where many infections have occurred is hardly possible, why we use this approach frequently, but with other techniques.

If you wish to dive deep in the field of bluetooth tracing you will find everything you need here: