How to be a part of OHIOH?

If you are amazed from our philosophy and like to change the word of fights against pandemics, please write a message to:

To make such an project like needs a lot of power and a lot of time. We can only make the challenge when we split the work. We wish to have you in our Team for one of this Puzzleparts. Please contact us:

We have a Pool with nearly every Programming Course you can imagine… so be not unsure to help… we will do it together.

Also we are able to say that we have a lot of people with different kinds of educations in our Team. Here are just some examples which art of job you could do: 

  • Project-leader

  • Developer Skills with Flask and MongoDB

  • Homepage-Developer

  • Security Specialist

  • Texter 4 the homepage (in english or german or every other language)

  • PR or Press-Speaker

As we said, that are just some examples. Maybe you find a new kind of job with which you like to support us. (That could be an hobby-photographer or artist or as we said again “what ever”.)

You are 100% free to work in which team or on which project you like. But please, just contact us: is the address to your luck 🙂

Your OHIOH-Team

P.S. join our Slack conversation for the lattest infos 😀

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