Together with the Kiel University of Applied Sciences, OHIOH founds the working group: OHIOH

On April 28th, 2020, the Kiel University of Applied Sciences and OHIOH – Our Health In Our Hands – decided to enter into a cooperation and set up a new research group at the university. OHIOH is a mobile application with an intelligent warning system, which should help to break the infection chains of pandemics. The students Tjark Ziehm and Jakob Radau founded the initiative after participating in the „#WirVsVirus“ hackathon of the federal government from March 20th to 22nd.

The OHIOH open source app is programmed under an MIT license and is therefore accessible to everyone. It is also a non-profit project, so the developers work on a voluntary basis. By working with the Kiel University of Applied Sciences, OHIOH is laying a valuable basis for combating the corona pandemic. „The project group is a fantastic step for me and the OHIOH team,“ says founder Tjark Ziehm, who is currently studying business informatics in the second semester at Kiel University of Applied Sciences. „This means that we can now tackle questions relating to technology in combating pandemics scientifically.“ Before that, the costs for servers and licenses were borne by the students themselves. For OHIOH as well as for the Kiel University of Applied Sciences, the cooperation offers an enormous opportunity to contribute to research on COVID-19. The project will be carried out by Prof. Dr. Christian Krauss (Institute for Information Systems), Prof. Dr.-Ing. Meiko Jensen (Institute for Applied Computer Science) and Prof. Dr.-Ing. Michael Prange (Institute for Data Science) supervised across departments. In the future, an international exchange with other research institutions should take place. „With direct support from Professor Krauss and Professor Prange, we receive the knowledge we need for our work,“ emphasizes Tjark Ziehm.

OHIOH’s goal is to offer users of the app a platform so that they can contribute to containing the corona pandemic on their end devices. Data protection and security as well as user-friendliness are of central importance for the developers of the application. More is already planned for the future: „I can reveal so much that we are working on a scientific app that can be used by students on campus,“ says Tjark Ziehm. Students from all departments can then easily research the project using their smartphone. The establishment of the OHIOH research group at Kiel University of Applied Sciences can thus lead to the emergence of a multidisciplinary research field in the next few years (project name for the campus APP is “OHIOH Lab”). This unites currently relevant topics such as data ethics, IT security, big data, programming and data analytics, which continue to gain in relevance due to the corona pandemic. This development could point the way forward for dealing with pandemics in the future and thus bring overall social value.

Through membership in the TCN Coalition, a global data protection coalition for digital contact tracking to combat COVID-19, OHIOH has already built up a network. There are also further international collaborations, for example with the Linux Foundation. In addition to the Kiel students at the university of applied sciences, Tjark Ziehm and Jakob Radau, the following developers are involved in the project: Saad Malik (CAU Kiel), Shahwar Zia (CAU Kiel), Shanawar Shahbaz (CAU Kiel), Thomas Diefenbach (University of Bundeswehr Munich), Freddie Brown (University of Hanover), Moshsinni Sarbutt (University of Berlin).

For students at Kiel University of Applied Sciences: