This app will be available to be downloaded soon. Once, you have installed it, the OHIOH – App will be your easy savior against pandemics. It’s a short way to get started, you and your data are completely save with us and nothing will be used or forwarded. Next, its up to you to decide which data can be send, such as GPS. The App is a platform and used with GPS and Bluetooth.

If you need more information about the use of your data, we provide explanation videos going into detail on every topic in your language of choice.

OHIOH-APP is on this view your Plattform for your technic, your knowledge, your decision and security. Especially this is the mainpart for us. We protect the data on your Smartphone, on a safe tunnel to the server… and high security server structur that you can imagine like Fort Nox on the Server.

This decission that you help, can maybe not prevent you from virus infection, but will help to take fast care of the people you love and the ones around you.