As you know OHIOH is the short form of Our Health In Our Hands. With this app we want to give you security and answers for your well being in your hand.

Our vision / purpose:

OHIOH wants to reduce the impact of pandemics on humanity by providing transparency about infections and opportunities for everyone to deal with this knowledge. OHIOH wants to help humanity to stay strong against pandemics and to live an autonomous life to avoid situations like we experienced with COVID-19.

Unique “Selling” Point/Value:

OHIOH is unique within its flexibility and decision options for its user (#Plattform). Thus, OHIOH provides a multi-channel platform application, which leads to improved quality. Besides this, OHIOH links several opensource projects for the good of humanity. OHIOH follows a scientific approach and uses the newest research results in this area.

OHIOH is an scinetific project. We work to bring you the best possibilities for your self-determination with scientificly jusitfied options and references. 

We bring it in form of mulitlingual videos and updates on our homepage.